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Relaunching and building it in public


I launched Awesome React initially in May 2016. Inspired by my passion for React, the awesome lists on GitHub and websites like TED, I created a website, using React and later Next.js, curating awesome video tutorials on React.

It got a bit of traction, but I failed to consistently work on it and keeping it up to date.

Awesome React Version 2

Why relaunching it now?

It's 2023 and the React community still has no maintained website covering the latest React news & tutorials like e.g. Laravel News does for the Laravel community. There are great React Newsletters, but I want to browse through tutorials, filter them by topic or get inspired to watch a recommended video.

React is once again redefining the way we build web applications with React Server components. Also with Remix establishing itself as a major contender to Next.js and Next.js itself going through major changes there will be a lot of new content to cover.

Laravel News and others show that there is demand for such a website. And it should be monetizable through advertising / affiliate links.

The site also still gets 2k+ page views per month, even tough it hasn't been updated for over four years. I'm confident I can increase this significantly if I'm able to consistently work on it.

Why building it in public?

Creators like Pieter Levels, Pat Walls and Courtland Allen are reaping massive benefits from working in public and inspire millions of others (like myself!) to try it as well.

Also it should hold me accountable to keep making progress.

I plan to transparently document me building the new version. From technical details to promoting and monetizing the site.

Daily updates

According to Jonathan Stark daily newsletters are easier to write than weekly ones. So I'll start with daily updates and see how it goes. Subscribe below to follow along and say hi!

Tomorrow I'll start with what worked and what I want to change for the next iteration of

Follow along as I'm building in public.